Please call us for info or to register 204-256-7333

Kids Bowl Free Starts May 15th
Sign your Kids up Today!

Team Maxwell Schedule

DateShift TimeVS
Sept 10 8:30 PM Team Vandale
Sept 176:30 PMTeam Flaig
Sept 248:30 PMTeam Barry
Oct 16:30 PMTeam Born
Oct 86:30 PMTeam VanWelleghem
Oct 158:30 PMTeam Young
Oct 226:30 PMTeam Orne
Oct 296:30 PMTeam Vandale
Nov 58:30 PMTeam Flaig
Nov 126:30 PMTeam Barry
Nov 198:30 PMTeam Born
Nov 268:30 PMTeam VanWelleghem
Dec 36:30 PMTeam Young
Dec 108:30 PMTeam Orne
Dec 178:30 PMTeam Vandale
Jan 76:30 PMTeam Flaig
Jan 148:30 PMTeam Barry
Jan 216:30 PMTeam Born
Jan 286:30 PMTeam VanWelleghem
Feb 48:30 PMTeam Young
Feb 116:30 PMTeam Orne
Feb 186:30 PMTeam Vandale
Feb 258:30 PMTeam Flaig
Mar 46:30 PMTeam Barry
Mar 118:30 PMTeam Born
Mar 188:30 PMTeam VanWelleghem
Mar 256:30 PMTeam Young
Apr 18:30 PMTeam Orne

House Rules

  • Outdoor shoes are not allowed to be worn past shoe rack. No exceptions.
  • Outside food or beverage are not permitted inside establishment other than cake and cupcakes for birthdays
    (Some exceptions for allergies. Please Call before bringing in food. We may have alternatives)
  • No outside liquor allowed. Liquor will be confiscated and not returned. Patrons may be asked to leave without refund
  • Personal backpacks and dufflebags are not permitted at lanes.
  • Vaporizors are not allowed to be used inside premises.
  • Only 6 people are allowed to bowl on a lane. Groups of 7 or more will need additional lanes, no exceptions.

Locker Rentals Available For $2 Per Locker

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