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NEW for this summer Kids Bowl Free now on Saturdays/Sundays

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Derek Orne266325286233844
tyler vandale234389268174831
Derek Sabourin220277284250811
Chad Vandale253289260258807
Michael Linsnemeier239302239264805
Derek Orne266247286271804
Derek Sabourin220336204260800
Michael Young219284310203797
Derek Sabourin220270306219795
Derek Orne266233285273791
Michael Young219278269236783
Robbie H213269221290780
Randy Morrissette239265210288763
Michael Linsnemeier239185297265747
Derek Sabourin220296227221744
Michael Linsnemeier239276271197744
Chad Vandale253200241300741
BOBBY SHANAS242228294213735
Derek Orne266257225253735
Derek Orne266257225253735
Derek Orne266210293232735
Michael Young219275217241733
Derek Orne266281204247732
tyler vandale234262274188724
Derek Orne266267254200721
Wayne W213242258218718
Derek Orne266247257212716
Robbie H213201218293712
Derek Orne266243242215700
tyler vandale234270285141696
Michael Linsnemeier239250235205690
Derek Sabourin220213231238682
Michael Young219198203279680
Derek Orne266243181247671
Derek Sabourin220173236261670
Michael Linsnemeier239243235192670
Derek Sabourin220203258208669
Derek Sabourin220205229234668
tyler vandale234197253213663
Michael Young219182263212657
Derek Orne266262157238657
Derek Sabourin220231226195652
Michael Young219275178179632
Michael Linsnemeier239302148175625
Michael Linsnemeier239209226172607
Derek Sabourin220186243169598
Michael Young219181255158594
Austin Vandale208207170215592
Robbie H213206198176580
Irene Olivier186118235209562
Wayne W213201126207534
Ozzy Vandale208136204185525
Mike Webster143115212171498
Duncan Young163138174146458
tyler vandale234265188DNF453
Carol Catt137118130194442
Duncan Young163158153123434
Irene Olivier186135127149411
tyler vandale234215186DNF401
Carol Catt137115127106348
tyler vandale234114DNFDNF114
Michael Linsnemeier239DNFDNFDNF0

House Rules

  • Outdoor shoes are not allowed to be worn past shoe rack. No exceptions.
  • Outside food or beverage are not permitted inside establishment other than cake and cupcakes for birthdays
    (Some exceptions for allergies. Please Call before bringing in food. We may have alternatives)
  • No outside liquor allowed. If found liquor will be confiscated and not returned. Patrons may be asked to leave without refund
  • Personal backpacks and dufflebags are not permitted at lanes.
  • Vaporizors are not allowed to be used inside premises.
  • Only 6 people are allowed to bowl on a lane. Groups of 7 or more will need additional lanes, no exceptions.

Locker Rentals Available For $2 Per Locker

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